Children at Weddings #1

I was recently asked by Your London Wedding magazine to respond as an ‘expert’ to a genuine question from a reader about entertaining children at her wedding.

My first thought was ‘wow! those letters are actually real’.  My second thought was ‘wow! they think I’m an expert!”  And then I thought about it, and I thought, well, actually, I know a thing or two about children and I know a thing or two about weddings and I’ve written quite a lot about mixing those two entities and I’m knowledgable enough to know it can be quite tricky (I know, it isn’t rocket science, but still…).  So I said ‘yeah, I’ll respond as an expert’.  And this is how it went…

Q I’m the last of my friends to tie the knot and all my mates have kids. I don’t want to exclude them, but equally it would be nice to keep them busy during the wedding breakfast! What are your suggestions for kid-friendly activities that would work at the table?


A I Entirely understand the issues surrounding children at weddings. I took my Irish triplets as toddlers to a wedding. I had prepared them each a bag (a very ‘quiet’ freezer bag) and popped in some hula hoops, raisins, nuts etc and they all sat there in the registry office sucking on the hula hoops and thinking it was such a treat!
Children at a wedding can make for a truly perfect day – the photo opportunities alone make it worth having them around!  Conversely, sugar filled youngsters screaming around the place can make everyone feel uptight.  So, firstly, having some form of outdoor space for them to safely run around to work off some energy is a must.  Perhaps a quiet word to the parents to let them know the space is there as a hint might be useful. By the time the wedding breakfast commences, they should hopefully be a little more ready for sedate activities.  There are numerous sites that offer free printable word searches, puzzles and colouring in activities. You can simply roll some up with a little pack of pencils and finish off with a bow. 
Having had three babies in a year, I have spent the past 15 years designing products to keep children happy when they need to stay still. It can be a hard task, but with a little imagination and time, anything can work, because, let’s face it, if you give a 5 year old an empty brown paper bag, some pencils and a few pointers on what they could do with their ‘gift’, they’ll keep quiet (well more than the brown paper bag will!).

Here is a perfectly good example of a downloadable and printable wedding activity book that I found simply by searching on Google. Free Printable Activity Book


Our MotherShip site produces quite a few wedding activity books and tins of activities.  Some of which we can personalise.  So if you’re looking for something a little bit special.  Do pop over to the site to see them.

Here are just a few examples:

Wedding Activity Book for the Table

Activity Tins for Little Guests at a wedding


If you have any special requirements or would just like a bit of friendly advice, do get in contact.  Simply use the contact us button on the site.

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