Firstly, I’m mum to three children – all of whom I gave birth to in a single year in 2000 and who pretty much dictate my every day life, even now, all of these years on.

In 2002, I set up my own company, holding up a photograph of the back of my twin son’s heads to my husband one day, I told him that it was the logo, all I needed was a name – what does he see?  His response was ‘Two Little Boys’.  Hindsight is a wondrous thing and if Rolf Harris hadn’t turned out to be… well, Rolf Harris as we now know him, it would all have been fine.  I’m thinking of rebranding to merely 2LB, still thinking….

So setting out to create a brand around bringing up three babies;  increasing the workload as they needed me less was the plan.  And it’s going okay at the moment.  I work from an office at home with my loyal and busy wholesale manager/right arm/writer, my kids come home after school, have a chat, lend a hand and stay silent when the work phone rings.

I have lots of neurosis, anxiety issues, health issues and quite a lot of self doubt, so I can’t guarantee that blogs will be anything but sporadic and diverse in nature – it may well be about anything.  Thanks for reading.

If you could buy a notebook at www.2littleboys.co.uk on your way out, that would be great too.



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